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Business-to-Business Marketing Success Starts with a Question  
What do we want to accomplish?

That may seem to be a basic Marketing 101 question, but how many business-to-business marketing teams neglect this question? Or spend much less time answering than worrying the design or creative elements?

We've all been there. Someone urgently needs marketing "to do something." A meeting takes place. Maybe multiple meetings. Everyone feels the incredible urgency to act. Now.

The wheels of marketing motion turn fast. A demand generation program gets launched. Time passes. More programs. Leads come in. Leads get processed. Does anyone remember what that first technology marketing program was supposed to do? Did anyone connect the leads to the marketing campaign? What happened to all of that hard work?

Most likely it was lost in the tyranny of the urgent. That unrelenting urge to do more, more often, with much less.

Technology marketing success, business generating success, depends on asking the right question: "What do we want to accomplish?" 

As you explore the answers. You ask more questions. Or at least you should. Along the way, you determine the criteria that will measure success. Marketers, especially in business-to-business technology marketing, need to ask and insist on answers. 
This website can help you do that.

Whether you want to build your brand awareness or generate leads or drive traffic to your website or bring in more visitors to your events or trade shows, I believe that question should be answered first. Then all of the other questions have a context while we have set expectations appropriately.

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